In our Wide Family, travelling is our hobby!

Whether you are travelling next door or to faraway lands, it doesn’t really matter.

To us, the journey and its emotions are the focus, not only the destination!

Hop in the pursuit of the little WIDE SOCIETY plane that got lost in the meanders of our website and get ready for your thrilling reward: be among the 20 first participants to win a 15€ voucher!

The golden rules:

Browse all of our website to find the coveted page! Once the plane is in sight, click on it! A window will magically appear to reveal your much desired voucher code. Then, hesitate no more!

Drag the code into your order basket and voila!

Here are some hints so that you don’t wander about for too long:

This game is available with no obligation to purchase from the 24th of August 2018 to the 31st of August 2018 and exclusively on our website.

The track game leads to a 15€ voucher for the first 20 participants of the game to find the hidden plane. If the voucher code does not work anymore, it means that it has expired. 


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