Bewitching, practical, eco-conscious, honest.

Fragrances inspired by our peregrinations

“The journey is the destination” means that travelling is not only discovering a new place, a new culture, but also getting around, taking the train, the plane, or driving a car for miles and miles, taking the touk-touk, … In brief, every kind of transports you take, alone or in groups, where you will experience a new way of travelling.

Created to travel

By dint of looking for a solution to take our fragrances away with us, we thought it was easier to create a brand ourselves, to find a real travel solution for perfume lovers. Our products are practical, nomadic and simply beautiful. Whether it is our little 10 ml / 0.34 Fl.Oz. bottles to carry in your bag, our mini vanity cases to carry 3 of 6 10 ml / 0.34 FlOz. bottles, or our 100ml / 3.3 Fl.Oz. bottle to let in your bathroom or to refill your little sprays (you can also take it away with you, if you want to do so!)

0% fake and 100% practical and eco-conscious

Why throw what is beautiful? Why use pollutants? Our cases are made of recycled cardboard, you will use them 2 minutes before throwing them. Our bottles are made of glass or aluminum, which are 100% recyclable materials. Our perfumes are composed of more than 95% natural products. The pouches are in linen, the cases in cotton. We limit to the maximum what can damage our environment.

Expert perfumers

Alexandra and Emilie have been working for internationally renowned perfume houses for years. They are alchemists of olfactory creations, of those who offer you emotions more than juice, far from beaten path. And as both are great travelers, they have drawn on their experiences and their adventures for our great delight.

The truth, the whole truth

If perfume is the realm of dream and storytelling, it's not a reason to tell nonsense or lies. We will tell you our stories, we will describe our fragrances, we will talk about raw materials but we will never hoodwink you. Because sincerity is also a value to share.

Absolute absolutely Absolute

An Absolu de Parfum is close to the concentration of an Extrait, more concentrated than an Eau de Parfum and much more that an Eau de Toilette. To work only essence of sillages, we will only have Absolu in our perfume collections.


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