WIDE SOCIETY, we are commited.

Our commitment is to contribute, at our level and size, to the preservation of our planet and of its resources. Our alcohol for the fragrances is 100% organic, the raw materials are essentially natural and we got rid of almost all non recyclable components in our products.


Our commitment is to focus on the quality and creativity of fragrances, to give you practical products, cool and smart. Not to go into glittery (tacky? ) decorations or packaging with a lot of non-recyclable components.

We have started by removing components (the cello wrap), searching for natural (cotton bags) or recycled (carton of cases) and recyclable (aluminum pumps) materials. Everything is not perfect but we continue to work on it to reduce our imprint and give you the best fragrances possible in the coolest packaging and travel sets.

Our fragrances are composed of more than 95% natural materials. For the remaining 5%, they are synthetic molecules of the highest quality, not tested on animals and without Parabens or oil derived components.

We use recyclable material. Which ones?

Our packs are made of of recycled cardboard made by a specialized factory. They recycle your boxes and packs (yes, yours) to make beautiful and responsible packaging.  These perfume boxes are thus all different from each other (a bit like you). Moreover, they are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified which means they guarantee that the raw materials come from specific forest respectful of the environment (you certainly knew about it and if you didn’t, it’ll be an interesting conversation topic for your next dinner). An on top of that they’ve been given the Imprim Vert label which means that in their industrial process they do not use toxic liquids, they recycle their waste.

So? Still not convinced? Do not worry, there’s more!

Our 10 ml/0,33 Fl Oz bottles are made of glass and our 100 ml/3.3 Fl Oz bottle, of aluminum. And guess what? They are recyclable too! And since we are full ahead at Wide society, you can refill your fragrances! Better be ready to keep your bottles for years to come.


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